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Berkshires Overnight

The Berkshires region of western Massachusetts contains abundant water for paddling and fishing, beginning with the lakes right out the front door.
Campers will spend the week learning paddling skills and safety from certified ACA instructors and expert anglers, including our friends at Berkshires Rivers Fly Fishing (note this is a conventional fishing camp).

The waters in the Berkshires teem with smallmouth and largemouth bass as well as northern pike. Campers will hit the rivers and lakes daily, Greenwater Pond, Buckley Dunton Lake, Woods Pond, and the famous Housatonic River. There is so much good water within a few miles of the house, the most difficult is finding time to fish it all. 

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Berkshire, MA

The Berkshires camp is currently offered as a private camp only. Grab a handful of friends and pick some dates and we will make it happen.

Getting there:

We typically depart from Richmond, VA and can arrange pick up in Washington, D.C, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York along the way.

Those coming from closer locations like Boston can drop off at the house. 


Our base of operations will be a rental house conveniently located near Greenwater Pond near Lee, MA. Campers will be able to hit the water in the morning and fish for large and smallmouth bass before breakfast and do the same in the evening before dinner.

The location puts us within an hour’s drive each day of the best lakes and rivers in the area.

Weekly itinerary:

Saturday: Arrive in the Berkshires, unpack, get comfortable.  Meet with Berkshire Rivers Fly Fishing, and discuss details of the coming week. Enjoy porch overlooking lake and share fishing stories over dinner.

Sunday: The day begins with a general orientation to our equipment and surroundings. We begin the week on Greenwater pond right out our front door. The morning includes kayak paddling and safety instruction before moving on to fishing skills. After lunch we will spend the rest of the day fishing Greenwater pond.

Monday: We will head to the Housatonic River for a day float where we will catch smallmouth bass and hopefully a few big, angry northern pike. While enjoying the float through the beautiful Berkshire Hills campers will learn specific new skills for navigating and fishing the river.

Tues: After starting the day on Greenwater pond, we will have breakfast on the bank and spend a few hours before lunch working on knots and getting deeper into fishing tactics including soft plastics, jerkbaits, and different topwater lures. In the afternoon we will head to another lake to give our new skills a shot. Having many lakes in reach we will be able to maximize the days catch.

Wed: In the morning campers will have the option to try their hand at fly fishing, with a casting clinic and basic skill building. In the afternoon campers will be able to test their new skills on the surrounding  waters. This new skill will also be setting up the following 2 days where campers are encouraged to steer the direction of their fishing experience.

Thursday and Friday: After experiencing a sampling of the local waters as well as styles, we will have a good idea of the areas that are fishing the best. We will split the last two days between the river and lakes and let the campers steer their days to where they would like to be.

Saturday: pack up and head home


*The Itinerary is subject to change based on conditions and weather, but there are plenty of fishing opportunities around. We will be out there every day. 

*ACA members receive a 20% discount through March 31. 10% after March 31. Contact us for promo code.

Refund Policy

All deposits for camps and any programs or trips are non-refundable.
We understand that things happen and we do make exceptions in cases of physical injury that will not allow a camper to attend camp. When working with other programs, we adhere to their refund policies.

Please contact us directly if you need to withdraw from any camp, program, or trip.